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Jiggly Girls Gallery – Killer Instinct

Today’s Jiggly Girls gallery update features a short haired brunette in what you could call our take on the killer instinct movie.This woman just like the lady from the movie is facing murder charges and she’s yet to be interrogated, but due to her quick wits she quickly escapes the inquiries just like the girls in the John Persons Interracial sex drawings do. She was all dressed up in a shiny latex outfit that was turning around all the head of the guys at the police office and she knew this fact. So when in the interrogation room, she used her charm to swoon the two detectives interrogating her.

After a few smooth talks later on her part, she straight out asks them if they’d want their cocks sucked by her today. The two men look at each other in disbelief that this beauty would do something like that for them, but when she grabs their pants they know she’s serious about the deal. So watch her suck some cocks at jigglygirls.com and then see her put in all kinds of crazy positions while the guys take turns fucking her ass and pussy and even double penetrate her for some nice pictures. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you soon. Plus, you could see another explicit blowing session right here!


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