Rough DP

Today’s jiggly girls scene is another one to truly sit back and enjoy too. As you will most likely recall, a few updates ago we had the sexy archer Ashe as she got to enjoy a nice afternoon with some studs and their big cocks too. Well for this afternoon, one of her buddies shows off how she likes to play as well as Ashe isn’t the only babe in League of Legends that’s horny either. This week we bring you the sexy Caitlyn, which also happens to be the sheriff of Piltover. A town where invertors dwell. And as her quote is “Piltover’s Finest” you can bet that that means more things than just the best sheriff in town too. So let’s get to see her at play.


Our little sheriff babe here is quite naughty and wild when she wants to as well and rest assured that all the guys she’s been with are quite impressed with her…”style”. This scene has her toying with no less than four guys that she caught. The thing is that she always likes to give guys that she finds attractive a way out of jail. Either go a few rounds with her in bed, or face time locked up. And naturally, you have to be an idiot to turn down that kind of offer. Well you would be excused with her though, as Caitlyn does have this style of draining guys of all their jizz by the time she’s done. And that’s just what you get to see her do in her group fuck session today!

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