Dragon Age Sex

Everyone surely knows about the hit game Dragon Age by now and today’s jiggly girls update features two of the ladies there having sex for your entertainment. Well we heard that you can actually have sex with one of your female companions if you manage to get her interested enough, so we thought we should do our take on the whole thing. In this Jiggly Girls hentai scene we have Morrigan and the paladin recruit showing you some deleted scenes from the game with the whole sex scene. So sit back and enjoy the show guys.

The whole thing starts with the two leading ladies taking the main character to their room in the castle and once there locking the door. They didn’t want him to leave on them in the middle of the sex scene as they were really horny and well the main hero is quite an honorable guy, so he probably would have refused them. Anyway, all locked in he couldn’t say no to the two hotties pussies in this jigglygirls.com update so he went on to do his job. Watch them both taking turns getting fucked today. See you next time everyone!


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