Sharing Jiggly Gals

Another fresh week and time to see some more sexy jiggly girls at play today. In this new one, you get to see the sexy duo formed by Juli and Juni as they get to tease a stud as much as they want before letting him have his fun with their pussies as well. As you know, this duo was a mini boss fight in the street fighter series and they are quite the energetic little duo. As you know, the two of them are quite inseparable and they never like to do anything without one another. And of course, that includes banging guys as well. Anyway, let’s get to watch them in action like we said this afternoon and see them putting quite the nice and kinky show on.

The two babes were wearing their classy battle outfits when this thing started and you know that that consists of their little hats, some fighting gloves, nice and sexy thigh high stockings and some nice and sexy leotards as well. Oh, and some small ties too. Anyway, after you get to see them like that, the ladies take their spots on the bed with Juni on top of Juli and you can watch them kissing and caressing one another’s simply amazing bodies as they take off more and more clothes as well. Sit back and watch jigglygirls Juli using a nice and big double dildo to fuck her pussy and Juni’s and see her playing with the latter’s nice and round perky breasts too!


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